Podcast: Functional Medicine, the Gut Microbiome, Antibiotics & Aging


Here GS Nation founders Dave Robinson and Cary Wade talk with InHealthRVA's Tressa Breindel about the gut microbiome, Functional medicine, testing, epigenetics and foundational health practices.


3:45 - what even is a functional medicine practitioner?

8:00 - how you can learn more about YOUR body

12:19 - the gut microbiome

16:02 - a Western approach to medicine

21:38 - antibiotics and their effects on our bodies

25:00 - at a certain point, your body doesn't recover like it used to

30:00 - what to do before you see a Functional Medicine Practicitioner

33:00 - are you doing all the right things, but still feeling tired or unhappy?

35:00 - you have to play the cards you've been dealt... but you can also reprogram your brain...

37:28 - self-care is an ongoing practice

40:34 - adaptogens

41:21 - Tressa's daily routine

43:09 - Tressa's motivation for becoming a functional medicine practitioner and acupuncturist

44:39 - being an athlete with a chronic illness

47:43 - how Tressa and Dave met

51:00 - she's looking for a physical therapist!

54:12 - the best athletes are in Crested Butte, CO

57:27 - Tressa's definition of impact

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Tressa Breindel